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Welcome the Illinois Plumbing Inspectors Association official website. You will be able to sign up and renew your membership, along with any resources you might need. Need to find an inspector in your area? No problem check out the Inspector directory.

Updates will be posted below 

Digital version of our Bylaws!

Thanks to our Charter Chapter Vice President "John Hauserman", we now have a digital version of our IPIA bylaws!

Download coming soon!


June 19th Charter Chapter meeting!

Great news! Our June 19th meeting will be a special "2" hour class credit meeting! With speakers Mark Brickey and Brian Drake from Metropolitan Industries to discuss "Tankless units"! Those needing hours still and those who know of anyone requiring hours, Please notify them of this opportunity!


We are please to announce the expansion of our already popular IPIA Family!

we are currently looking for sign ins /future members of all lake county areas Plumbing Inspectors, Contractors, municipal leaders as well as apprentices,e tc

We will be hosting our first chapter meeting to include board appts, as well as start 1 hour State of Illinois Plumbing Continued Ed hours

If interested, or have any questions on how to join, PLEASE reach out to interim President of Lake County IPIA Dan Macias ( 847.514.1120 )  or Interim Vice president Jose Roques 847.276.6364 or feel free to leave a question below to be contacted by email

White Structure

Thank you to all the vendors who attended and supported our May 10th seminar! We appreciate you!

June 19th 2024 Charter chapter IPIA meeting

Need all attending members to RSVP for the  April Charter Chapter

Meeting on Wednesday ,  June 19th, 2024. We need to get an accurate head

count to be able to order food for everyone. Please reply to my email by

noon, Monday June 11th, 2024.


Sign In is from 11:30 - 12:00

Lunch is served from 12:00 – 1:00

Continuing Ed. is from 12:00 - 2:00

Special 2 hour class from Metropolitan Industries


We are also always looking for suggestions for topics for the classes and people to do a presentation at the classes!!


Also, remember that membership dues were due in "March". If you have not paid your dues for 2024, please be sure to do so.    

Also remember to follow your local Chapter for Dates and times of meetings!     


                                                                        2 Hour Continued Ed Credit            




May 9th, 6hour Continued Ed

 IPIA 6 Hour Continuing Education Program at Medinah Shriners Hall - Addition - May 9th, 2025

  Our 2024 Program was the finest to date to date ( Thanks to Tri County  ) Let's see if we can  top it.

                                   * Print Registration attached below*

John Hauserman

To our newly elected Vice President
We wish to thank you for all you have done in the past and look forward to a brighter future at IPIA with your support and expertise

Changed beginning time, and added 2024 6 Hour Continuing Education Date that is state sponsored.

Welcome all as we open the virtual doors to our new IPIA website. Give a greeting to our new modern revamped logo, and fresh look to adapt to today's changing ways.

As in life, all is not perfect. We are live, but some features are still coming within the days to come. Our membership renewals, and sign ups will become all online and secure. Being able to enter all your credentials online along with payment for a seamless experience. That will be the current feature to become available next along with a vast searching system of our members of IPIA.

Any immediate questions or concerns can be be directed over to our contact page to be submitted. We are always open to criticism, and new ideas and problem solving.

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