President’s Message Sept.10

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Our Organizations vision to recognize and encourage excellence with education in the Plumbing Inspection field is becoming a recognized credible program throughout the State. It is my belief that the people of the State of Illinois understand that we are so much more than a simple group of Inspectors. While we bring together people from all occupations. We have an understanding that we must develop relationship with the public, first responders, community organizations, builders, vendors, government officials from Villages to States, among others. We all have a desire for education that will benefit everyone in the State of Illinois. All must realize our translated development and research will start on a personal level. We must support all programs that pertain to Plumbing. Teaching and learning has been tested through the ages, it works. One of the greatest things that happened in my life was learning my trade. Individuals each and every day show excellence in the plumbing industry. Just the other day I happened to pick up plumbers can of PVC Cement. I wanted to read the label. But I happened to look inside the can. Well to my surprise the glue was in a jelled state. Did not read the label, but I had the plumber remove the six fittings he had installed. As luck would have it he just started on the PVC. I was able to pull the fittings apart with my hands. Do you inspect the PVC Cement? Well neither did I. But I will from now on. President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message August.10

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The minimum regulations and standards governing the design, installation and construction of plumbing systems, which are essential to ensure reasonable safeguards to protect the public health and safety against the hazards of inadequate, defective or unsafe plumbing systems and installations, as set forth in the 2004 Illinois Plumbing Code, as promulgated and published by the state department of public health. On June 28, 2010 the Illinois Code Advisory Council and the staff of the Illinois Department of Public Health has approved by unanimous decision that Aquatherm Polypropylene Pipe and Fittings is permitted for water distribution and water service in the State of Illinois. The pipe and fittings shall display the ASTM 2389 standard. Therefore, since the State Plumbing Code is the minimum through-out the State, Aquatherm may be installed in Illinois. This system will help curb the cost of you plumbing installation. President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message Feb.10

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To the Members of the I P I A, The Illinois Plumbing Inspectors Association would like to inform you of our plans for Springfield May 13th and 14th 2010. We hope to have a great turn out this year; and you might be surprised with our plans. We would like to inform our Members about our new web site On our website you will find all the forms you need for the 2010 Springfield Continuing education seminar, membership renewal and any other forms that you might need. You could even see yourself on the picture gallery. Please try and use the web site in the future to curb the cost of mailing, paper and postage. The IPIA would like to create a free email account for our members. If you would like an IPIA email, send an email to: We will respond to your email with your new email and password! If you do not have an email currently next time your at a meeting please see Jack Sievert. This way we can stay in contact at no cost to anyone. We are looking forward to a good year. President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message Dec.09

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Our financial growth over the past year hasn’t grown as much as I would have wanted to see. As a non-for-profit organization I feel that it is my duty to move forward. “Reaching out to others in our industry for donations.” I have started this campaign and have sent donation forms to some. During the next year I assure I assure more will be sent. I hope we can reach our goal of $1,500,000. I can foresee having our own class rooms for instructors to teach and educate our inspectors. I can foresee having money to reinvest its earnings back into improving the quality of our organization, our people and our programs. In fact, in our past we have funded hundreds of hours of education for our members. On going education at 100% support to members should be one of our goals. In alignment with our organization vision to focus on problems of State significance through the innovation application of science technology, information and education, we will be the ones in the history books that saved a person, a family, a community, a county, a state, a country and the world from unsafe drinking water and unprocessed waste water.   President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message Nov.09

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The members of the IPIA should take pride in the development of the way the State of Illinois looks at our industry. More and more political figures are starting to realize that the plumbing industry is a force to be reckoned with. Technically, our efforts span from the basic scientific and theoretical studies, to some sophisticated designs and manufacturing efforts that results in the protection of our drinking water, processing of waste water and storm water management. “They are starting to get it” and want to talk and work with us. As an independent , non-for -profit organization our primary objective is to serve the people of the State of Illinois. We must teach the technology development and transfer bridge between government, industry and academia. We remain committed to this objective and shall look to future challenges and opportunities coming our way.   President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message Oct.09

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Water is essential to life. It is a macronutrient required by the body in large amounts each day, although it cannot be stored by the body. Water helps with many bodily functions and is lost daily from the body through functions such as urinating, sweating and breathing. This lost water needs to be regularly replaced. In a poll done by British Medical Journal of more than 11,000 people worldwide seeking the greatest medical advance in the past 170 years, it was improvements in sanitation. Worldwide consensus says a good sewer system is more important than inventions like the development of vaccines and antibiotics. Improvements in sanitation leads to healthier public conditions. In 2001, unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene accounted for over 1.5 million deaths from diarrheic disease in low and middle-income countries. A natural health advocate, described medicine as no match for improved sanitary conditions worldwide. The truth about public sanitation is that virtually all improvements in life expectancy recorded over the last hundred years is due to public sanitation, not modern medical science or pharmaceuticals. Drinking water safety is a vital public health issue. Many types of infectious diseases can be transmitted through the consumption of water tainted with bacteria, parasites, viruses or chemicals. As a result, communities in the State of Illinois are required to take steps to ensure the safety and quality of the public water supply. In the United States, water systems may be either publicly or privately owned. These water systems must be protected from sources of potential contamination, including environmental chemicals, animal waste, pesticides, human waste, waste injected deep into the ground and substances that occur naturally but nonetheless present a threat to drinking water supply. If the Plumbing Industry fails to protect our drinking water now, we will have to pay more and more to remove the contaminates from our drinking water in the future. If you see a septic system failing, call the Health Department. If you see someone dumping their oil , anti-freeze, transmission fluid down a storm drain or onto the soil call your local police file a complaint. Ask your city, town or village to conduct a test on how much sewage is leaking from their sewer system and into the aquifer. If you educate your municipality it could save them from a major law suit. Thank you!   President, Gary W. Howard