President’s Message Dec.09

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Our financial growth over the past year hasn’t grown as much as I would have wanted to see. As a non-for-profit organization I feel that it is my duty to move forward. “Reaching out to others in our industry for donations.” I have started this campaign and have sent donation forms to some. During the next year I assure I assure more will be sent. I hope we can reach our goal of $1,500,000. I can foresee having our own class rooms for instructors to teach and educate our inspectors. I can foresee having money to reinvest its earnings back into improving the quality of our organization, our people and our programs. In fact, in our past we have funded hundreds of hours of education for our members. On going education at 100% support to members should be one of our goals. In alignment with our organization vision to focus on problems of State significance through the innovation application of science technology, information and education, we will be the ones in the history books that saved a person, a family, a community, a county, a state, a country and the world from unsafe drinking water and unprocessed waste water.   President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message Nov.09

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The members of the IPIA should take pride in the development of the way the State of Illinois looks at our industry. More and more political figures are starting to realize that the plumbing industry is a force to be reckoned with. Technically, our efforts span from the basic scientific and theoretical studies, to some sophisticated designs and manufacturing efforts that results in the protection of our drinking water, processing of waste water and storm water management. “They are starting to get it” and want to talk and work with us. As an independent , non-for -profit organization our primary objective is to serve the people of the State of Illinois. We must teach the technology development and transfer bridge between government, industry and academia. We remain committed to this objective and shall look to future challenges and opportunities coming our way.   President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message Oct.09

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Water is essential to life. It is a macronutrient required by the body in large amounts each day, although it cannot be stored by the body. Water helps with many bodily functions and is lost daily from the body through functions such as urinating, sweating and breathing. This lost water needs to be regularly replaced. In a poll done by British Medical Journal of more than 11,000 people worldwide seeking the greatest medical advance in the past 170 years, it was improvements in sanitation. Worldwide consensus says a good sewer system is more important than inventions like the development of vaccines and antibiotics. Improvements in sanitation leads to healthier public conditions. In 2001, unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene accounted for over 1.5 million deaths from diarrheic disease in low and middle-income countries. A natural health advocate, described medicine as no match for improved sanitary conditions worldwide. The truth about public sanitation is that virtually all improvements in life expectancy recorded over the last hundred years is due to public sanitation, not modern medical science or pharmaceuticals. Drinking water safety is a vital public health issue. Many types of infectious diseases can be transmitted through the consumption of water tainted with bacteria, parasites, viruses or chemicals. As a result, communities in the State of Illinois are required to take steps to ensure the safety and quality of the public water supply. In the United States, water systems may be either publicly or privately owned. These water systems must be protected from sources of potential contamination, including environmental chemicals, animal waste, pesticides, human waste, waste injected deep into the ground and substances that occur naturally but nonetheless present a threat to drinking water supply. If the Plumbing Industry fails to protect our drinking water now, we will have to pay more and more to remove the contaminates from our drinking water in the future. If you see a septic system failing, call the Health Department. If you see someone dumping their oil , anti-freeze, transmission fluid down a storm drain or onto the soil call your local police file a complaint. Ask your city, town or village to conduct a test on how much sewage is leaking from their sewer system and into the aquifer. If you educate your municipality it could save them from a major law suit. Thank you!   President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message Sept.09

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I have to admit that after 40 years in the trade as a Plumber it still amazes me that so many plumbers want the rewards of being a Licensed Plumber but very few are willing to get involved in helping with the issues we are confronted with in these trying times. As I see it, it is everyone’s obligation to protect the Environment. When Educational meetings are conducted and some plumbers think it is their time to showcase themselves as a comic, disrupting the educational process, rest assured, they are the ones that are losing out on what is going on within our industry. We all must stay involved with what is going on. Ask questions about how we can improve our drinking water, how we can conserve rain water, and find better ways of processing sewage. We must speak out on getting our streams cleaned up. When you are out with the family, driving from job to job and you pass a stream, river, tributaries or even a ditch and you notice it is filled with debris, please let the County Seat know where the problem is. Please keep yourself informed on the environmental issues . If you’re equipped with the right information then you can protect the health of others. You, as a Plumber, have the knowledge to educate others about clean fresh water. In some states 30% of all the energy used is for processing water for drinking. When you take a trip to the beach please wash your hands after laying on the beach. There are more E-coli bacteria in the sand than in the water. Most environmental issues are local problems, with local solutions. Stormwater pollution is a prime example of a local environmental issue. At the most basic level, Stormwater pollution begins with a local decision to alter the landscape and disrupt the natural water cycle. By turning a natural area into a parking lot, rooftop, lawn communities alter the area’s hydrology and block natural infiltration. Remember, our future will involve relations with the Green Industries. Stay educated!   President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message Aug.09

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President's August Message A Certified Illinois Plumbing Inspector has the required knowledge, skills, and abilities that must be acquired through work experience as a journey- level plumber. A Plumbing Inspector shall have the ability to independently conduct specialized plumbing inspection that require the exercise of independent judgment and initiative. A Certified Inspector must be able to interpret the Codes which are applicable in each situation. The inspector must be able to reveal that part of the code that is not approved and identify the section of the regulations being violated, issue a written violation to the contractor and takes necessary action to ensure violations are corrected. ( e.g., testifies to the facts in court, recommends “shut down” of the project, and/or assist in securing arrest warrants, following up with the State Agency of the Department of Public Health if a non Licensed person has been tagged on the project. All contractors should ask for an Inspectors Certified Plumbing License or at least a Illinois Plumbing License before an inspection moves forward. If the Inspector does not provide you with a License then he is breaking the Illinois Licensing Law and the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act. You can call your local Law Enforcement and have a citation written. I am confident that all the Inspectors that are Certified are acting in a professional manor, enforcing the Codes that are for their area. We all must remember that the state code is the minimum. But if your code is not more stringent, then the state code prevails. If anyone has knowledge of anyone inspecting plumbing that is not a licensed plumber then it is up to you to you to report him or her to the Health Department.   President, Gary W. Howard

President’s Message May.09

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Dear Members of the Illinois Plumbing Inspectors Association, With Special enthusiasm, I welcome the challenge of being your new President. I am extremely proud of the Executive Board I have in place. I could not have wished for a better educated group of plumbers. Although we have come an incredibly long way, we will still have an even longer way to go. The recovery of our economy is on it’s way back from the turmoil, which has affected us all in some way. Some of the recovery will be long-term some short. But we must meet every challenge with the professional sprit that guides us all. We need to examine and understand how we will continue to live in Illinois with an ever changing administrative code. We must stay on top of our elected officials with respect to our codes and license laws. I encourage all members to keep your eyes and ears open for announcements about any changes to our codes and licensing laws. I also encourage you to keep your eyes open for announcements about how we will be proceeding and how you can participate in our association. We of course are excited about our new first time ever Executive Board. This group has a life time of experience within the plumbing field. I believe they were inspired by the commitment to a deep affection for the Association and the education of all the members. Through the efforts of all our member I hope we will continue to increase our membership. I have asked the other chapters to consider merging with the Charter Chapter. I have requested that the Presidents of all chapters encourage there membership to vote for the merger. We will welcome any and all new members, whether they are contractors, suppliers, plumbing inspectors Etc.. I look forward to working with any new members. As we begin under the new leadership I hope we all will be able to work together and stay true to our motto Protecting the Health of the Nation. No doubt new policies and procedures will be coming our way, and I thank you in advance for keeping apprised of them. Please do all you can to help us maintain and build the most respectful Association imaginable. Thank you for your dedication to the Association whether you are a new member or a senior member. In my first two months as President I have been amazed over and over again by the talent and commitment of our members. I look forward in making our Association the most educated and knowledgeable group of individuals in Illinois. I want you to know that I have the fullest confidence in and utmost admiration for the Association and it’s members. The Association is strong because of strong people who achieve excellence with pride and honor. We do have much work to do in restoring the public’s trust in the Association, but the foundation of that trust is your exemplary work I have the highest faith in this Association , its people, and our ability to move forward. And that is exactly what we must all do now-look forward to what we can and will accomplish. Thank you!   President, Gary W. Howard