Final Issue of BPPS Available Online

January 22nd, 2018 | Posted by IPIA Admin in Uncategorized
Final Issue of Backflow Prevention & Plumbing Standards (BPPS) Magazine is Available Online
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After three years of publication, this is the final issue of Backflow Prevention & Plumbing Standards (BPPS) magazine. Backflow Prevention Journal, published by the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute (BPI), and Working Pressure magazine, published by ASSE International, will replace BPPS magazine in 2018.
In January 2018, the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute (BPI) will be releasing its new Backflow Prevention Journal. The web-based Journal's content will focus on cross-connection control and backflow prevention, including articles about municipal water programs, cross-connection industry news and updates, along with backflow testing and repair issues. It will also highlight product innovations, cross-connection control regulations, and other topics vital to the irrigation, design, inspection, fire protection, plumbing, and mechanical aspects of backflow prevention and cross-connection control. The Backflow Prevention Journal will be available online at
In March 2018, ASSE International will launch the first issue of its new magazine: Working Pressure. The quarterly magazine will be distributed in print to ASSE International members and online to the public and ASSE-certified professionals at While Working Pressure will still cover backflow prevention, the goal of this new magazine is to cover the full demographic range of our readers, which includes backflow prevention, plumbing/mechanical, water quality, HVAC, fire protection, medical gas, and water utility. The first issue's content will be posted to in March, but in the meantime, the website will feature current industry news and archived content from 2017. Follow Working Pressure on Facebook at @WorkingPressureMag and on Twitter at @WorkingPressure to keep up to date with the magazine's launch.
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To access the December 2017 issue of BPPS magazine, please visit: and use the password iapmo1.

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