Here is a copy of the State Plumbing Violation Form which shall  be used when writing a Violation and submitting it to the State Plumbing Program Attention Chief of General Engineering at IDPH Justin DeWitt.

State of Illinois Violation Form

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May 2016 Event at Medinah

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State of Illinois Notice of Public Meeting Plumbing Code Advisory Council June 27, 2016 at 10 a.m.

Meeting location: Illinois Department of Natural Resources IDPH Training Room (Lower Level) Illinois State Fairgrounds, Gate 7 One Natural Resources Way Springfield, IL 62702

Interested persons should contact Plumbing Consultant Frank Shimkus at 217-524-0791.


Welcome and Role Call
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Meeting Minutes
Public Comment

Discussion Items
• Updates on amendment comments and rules progress
• New code updates
• Product Review
• Legionella Updates
• Lead Updates

Action Items
• Product Approvals
• Code Revision Approvals