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Saturday March 11th, 2017

Gary submitted: No grounding or bonding wire shall connect to a plumbing system in any manner. No jumper wire shall be connected to a plumbing system in any manner. This includes electrical, communications, appliances, equipment, door bells, etc.

Statement of Problem and Substantiation for Public Input
When a plumber cuts a pipe and it is separated and then there is a short or a surge then the plumber becomes the ground. Same thing when the meter has to be removed and you have a corroded cable then the plumber becomes the ground.
Submitter Information Verification
Submitter Full Name: Gary Howard
Organization: Illinois Plumbing Insp. Assoc
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Submittal Date: Thu Feb 09 13:37:58 EST 2017
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I, Gary Howard, hereby irrevocably grant and assign to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) all and full rights in copyright in this Public Input (including both the Proposed Change and the Statement of Problem and Substantiation). I understand and intend that I acquire no rights, including rights as a joint author, in any publication of the NFPA in which this Public Input in this or another similar or derivative form is used. I hereby warrant that I am the author of this Public Input and that I have full power and authority to enter into this copyright assignment.

 By checking this box I affirm that I am Gary Howard, and I agree to be legally bound by the above Copyright Assignment and the terms and conditions contained therein. I understand and intend that, by checking this box, I am creating an electronic signature that will, upon my submission of this form, have the same legal force and effect as a handwritten signature

This is modified from a Army Hospital Site
          “Speak Up” to improve the quality of your Continuing Education Program for Plumbing
Speak up if you have questions or concerns
Pay attention to the instructor(s) during class
Educate yourself about the code, laws and all codes by reference
Ask a  fellow Inspector, Plumber or Apprentice to become a contact for questions and concerns
Knowing the sections of the code and there relation to your project
Use the Environmental Health office within the Illinois Department of Public Health for disputes
Participate in discussions during  a continuing education class
Gary Howard


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Public Act 99-511, Senate Bill 637

Under this new law, Illinois  is coming into compliance with the Federal REAL ID Act. This new law ends the practice of printing and distributing plastic ID cards at Illinois Secretary of State offices. Instead, Illinoisans will submit their renewal or new license information and it will be sent to a secure facility where a new license, which is much more difficult to counterfeit, will be produced and mailed to the applicant.

Industry Update from Gary

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Water Industry Eyes Infrastructure Investments In Trump Administration.

Water industry groups are reaching out to President-elect Donald Trump to urge his administration to support robust federal funding for water infrastructure investments and to explain their sector’s top water policy priorities, including preserving tax-exempt municipal bonds, ensuring water systems are resilient to extreme events and addressing lead pipes. The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in separate letters to the Transition Team highlight the incoming president’s campaign
promises to invest in infrastructure and emphasize the potential of such spending to increase job creation. In its letters, the group references a Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis estimate that each dollar spent on water infrastructure generates $2.63 in the private economy, and every job added in the water workforce adds 3.68 jobs to the national economy.

Plumbing Inspector Job Opening!

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See our JOBS page, or click here for more information.