Hello members and non member (soon to be members?) and all others who might still not be aware.

Please see below the new/current place being used for our monthly meetings

Place……….. Medinah Shriners

location……550 North Shriners Drive

town………..Addison Il

September 17th 2014…..    TJ Higgens 2- hour course for CEUs

Oct 15th 2014……………..    Medinah Shriners… Cont  ed session

November 19th 2014……    Medinah Shriners… Cont  ed session

December 17th 2014……     Medinah Shriners… Christmas Party! no education!


With the exception of our September 2014 meeting which is being held at TJ Higgens  just 5min west of Shriners for a special 2-hour class,

We will be having all other monthly meetings at the address described below.

Please note that it is very very important that you contact Jack Sievert to confirm you will be attending so we can order the correct quantity of food for all, otherwise while you may still attend, you might have to forgo the meal (and we do not want that).

Also a quick reminder that if you have not paid your yearly IPIA membership fees or think you may not have as of this date, Also contact Jack as  these funds are critical in keeping our chapter moving in the right direction!

Thanks for the support and see you guys at the September meeting at TJ HIGGENS!

for time and location, scroll down for info.

2014 CODE BOOKS!!!

August 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Dan Macias in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Per last meetings news, George (IPIA President ) announced that we the IPIA would be publishing our own 2014 State of Illinois plumbing code books complete with binder, tabs,etc.

These books should be available to our members as early as our September meeting at TJ Higgens. (read post located below this one).

They will have basically the same size as our previous books.

If you want to buy one, send me an e-mail at dan.macias@skokie.org and I will do my best to put one aside ( THEY WILL BE GOING FAST AS ONLY 250 FIRST EDITION COPIES HAVE BEEN ORDERED!)



After reading, please try to arrive earlier if possible as it may…… start earlier to accommodate all people showing up and remember…..



With you August Inspectors meeting this week I wanted to give you some information pertaining to the September meeting.

As we discussed Tom Higgins the Charlotte Rep offering to have the September meeting at his distribution center in Carol Stream. TJ Higgins is located about 5 miles West of the Addison Shriners facility.

We will provide a free lunch to all attendees and we can go over the proper installation of CPVC plumbing systems. All attendees will have the chance to solvent cement if they desire. We will also have tables set up with various, hangers, adapters, solvents used in CPVC installations. I can offer 2 Hours of CEU credits if attendees stay for the 2 hour program.

We are flexible with the start time so we will let you decide.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Below is a link to MapQuest for TJ Higgins

TJ Higgins Co.
265 E Lies Road
Carol Stream

A MapQuest map has been sent to you by john pritchard.

To view your map, click on the link below or copy and paste it to your browser:

John Pritchard
Piping Systems Consultant
The Lubrizol Corporation
Representing FlowGuard Gold(r), BlazeMaster(r) and Corzan(r) CPVC piping systems
224-735-3042  office
312-215-2089  cell
224-735-3043 fax

WE ARE! ???

I have been hearing from Contractors that certain towns and counties ( which for now I will not mention) refuse to adopt and or enforce the new 2014 State of Illinois Plumbing Code???

They in fact have met with state inspectors and had meetings with downstate Code representatives and these inspectors and state reps have  NOT been giving the backing that we as Contractors and Inspectors were promised? Therefore these municipalities are STILL instilling their amendments that again we were led to believe were dead? “New law of the land” was spoken/written,” We will remove your plumbing certification” was spoken/written? I for one was enthusiastic about what I referred the new code as ” OUR NEW GROUND ZERO”. I was ecstatic that I could spread the word to our many confused and innocent plumbers /contractors that “we are all playing the same game with no changing rules anywhere in ILLINOIS!”

I am very saddened to hear that I can not convey these words with the confidence and exhilaration that I felt when these codes were finally official?!

As a State of Illinois Certified code official, I am at a loss as to what to report to the many faces I see seeking nothing more than truth,guidance and support that can only come with the confidence of knowledge that only our State of Illinois plumbing code brings to me. I am losing that confidence and trust me people…….. As a very wise Bev Potts reports time and time again,” if we don’t stand united and enforce this code from the TOP down, we will lose this privilege” , and it will open the doors to the many wolves just waiting to tear this plumbing code apart and instill their own methods of sub standard plumbing rules, and our industry will be lost forever! I for one am ready to stand and fight for what I believe in! I ask that you do the same, if you are passionate as myself and many others who just do not know where to begin, Start at the state level and it will trickle down. Call,write,e-mail text whatever it takes to get the bigger boys to clean house and finish what is started, and make sure ALL municipalities and counties are on board and made aware there are no more options or amendments until they submit them in writing for approval from the state PRIOR to jamming them down our contractors throats who as we speak currently stand to lose MONEY,CREDIBILITY< and CUSTOMERS! and oh yes MR county/municipality……. remember as with our current code, please submit them based on science and math only!!!


one of many positive minded caring and hopeful plumbers,Contractors and inspectors

What: Town Hall Meeting presented by the Illinois Department of Public Health
Subject: Recent Amendement of the Illinois Plumbing Code
When: WED- July 16, 2014 STARTING @ 10:30AM
Where: Second Floor Main Hall
Plumbers Local 130, U.A.
1340 West Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Who Should Attend:
Municipal leaders and building officials
Leadership of trade organizations and union locals
Construction company executives and mechanical contractor executives
Regional, statewide or national non-governmental organizations
Registered plumbing contractors
Interested members of the public
This meeting is to inform interested parties and the regulated public of the amendment of the Illinois
Plumbing Code and to present the process whereby certain governmental units may establish
ordinances for the regulation of plumbing pursuant to 77 IL Admin Code 750.800. A brief question
and answer period will follow the presentation where parties may submit questions in writing, in a
method to be described at the meeting, to a moderator.
Questions about the meeting may be sent to dph.plumbing@illinois.gov .

Reading that needs to be seen again!



Public Act 097-0365
HB1228 Enrolled LRB097 05210 CEL 45259 b
    AN ACT concerning regulation.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Illinois Plumbing License Law is amended by
changing Sections 13.1, 16, and 42 as follows:
    (225 ILCS 320/13.1)
    Sec. 13.1. Plumbing contractors; registration;
    (1) On and after May 1, 2002, all persons or corporations
desiring to engage in the business of plumbing contractor,
other than any entity that maintains an audited net worth of
shareholders' equity equal to or exceeding $100,000,000, shall
register in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
    (2) Application for registration shall be filed with the
Department each year, on or before the last day of September,
in writing and on forms prepared and furnished by the
Department. All plumbing contractor registrations expire on
the last day of September of each year.
    (3) Applications shall contain the name, address, and
telephone number of the person and the plumbing license of (i)
the individual, if a sole proprietorship; (ii) the partner, if
a partnership; or (iii) an officer, if a corporation. The
application shall contain the business name, address, and
telephone number, a current copy of the plumbing license, and
any other information the Department may require by rule.
    (4) Applicants shall submit an original certificate of
insurance documenting that the contractor carries general
liability insurance with a minimum of $100,000 per occurrence,
a minimum of $300,000 aggregate for bodily injury, property
damage insurance with a minimum of $50,000 or a minimum of
$300,000 combined single limit, and workers compensation
insurance with a minimum $500,000 employer's liability. No
registration may be issued in the absence of this certificate.
Certificates must be in force at all times for registration to
remain valid.
    (5) Applicants shall submit, on a form provided by the
Department, an indemnification bond in the amount of $20,000 or
a letter of credit in the same amount for work performed in
accordance with this Act and the rules promulgated under this
    (6) All employees of a registered plumbing contractor who
engage in plumbing work shall be licensed plumbers or
apprentice plumbers in accordance with this Act.
    (7) Plumbing contractors shall submit an annual
registration fee in an amount to be established by rule.
    (8) The Department shall be notified in advance of any
changes in the business structure, name, or location or of the
addition or deletion of the owner or officer who is the
licensed plumber listed on the application. Failure to notify
the Department of this information is grounds for suspension or
revocation of the plumbing contractor's registration.
    (9) In the event that the plumber's license on the
application for registration of a plumbing contractor is a
license issued by the City of Chicago, it shall be the
responsibility of the applicant to forward a copy of the
plumber's license to the Department, noting the name of the
registered plumbing contractor, when it is renewed. In the
event that the plumbing contractor's registration is suspended
or revoked, the Department shall notify the City of Chicago and
any corresponding plumbing contractor's license issued by the
City of Chicago shall be suspended or revoked.
(Source: P.A. 94-55, eff. 6-17-05; 94-258, eff. 7-19-05;
95-331, eff. 8-21-07.)
    (225 ILCS 320/16)  (from Ch. 111, par. 1115)
    Sec. 16. (1) Any city, village or incorporated town, having
a population of 500,000 or more may, by an ordinance containing
provisions substantially the same as those in this Act and
specifying educational or experience requirements equivalent
to those prescribed in this Act, provide for a board of
plumbing examiners to conduct examinations for, and to issue,
suspend, or revoke, plumbers' licenses, within such city,
village or incorporated town. Upon the enactment of such
ordinance the provisions of this act shall not apply within any
such municipality except as otherwise provided herein.
    (2) Any person licensed as a plumber pursuant to such
ordinance, or licensed by the Department under this Act, may
engage in plumbing anywhere in this State.
    (3) Any board of plumbing examiners created pursuant to
this Section shall maintain a current record similar to that
required of the Director by Section 8 of this Act, and shall
provide the Department with a copy thereof. The Department
shall be advised of changes in such record at least every six
    (4) In the event that the plumbing contractor's license is
suspended or revoked by any city, village, or incorporated
town, having a population of 500,000 or more, the city,
village, or incorporated town shall notify the Department.
(Source: Laws 1953, p. 1293.)
    (225 ILCS 320/42)
    Sec. 42. Home rule. Pursuant to paragraph (h) of Section 6
of Article VII of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 the power
to regulate the licensing of plumbers, to promulgate the
promulgation of a minimum plumbing code of standards, and the
power to regulate the registration of irrigation contractors
and plumbing contractors shall, except as may otherwise be
provided within and pursuant to the provisions of Section 16
and Section 16.1 of this Act, be exercised by the State and may
not be exercised by any unit of local government, including
home rule units.
(Source: P.A. 91-678, eff. 1-26-00.)


Effective Date: 1/1/2012