Mr Kim Bateman and his team put together what I can only describe as  one of the best symposiums attended to date!

Information talked about that day was quite eye opening and imformative. I can honestly say I witnessed a captured audience and a focused presentation from all speakers. I had the luxury of sitting up front and was able to get a few pictures of important factoids and sections of the code relevant to all.  Check out the pics in our photo gallery!

A special thanks to one of my favorite and the most  dedicated person I have met in our industry and without her , I honestly feel (and have always felt) that our plumbing program would probably not exist. A very special Thank you from all in the IPIA to Ms. Bev Potts

Not only was your section on old and new business going ons in the general assembly vital but your impromtu appearance stepping in for Frank Schimkus and Jason Dewitt was awesome!

I will be posting tidbits from the meeting later in the month so look for this info as it becomes available!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Darrah Dunlap, Policy Coordinater for the IDPH is hosting a “Town Hall Meeting” on November 25th 2014 in Buffalo Grove!



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September 17, 2014 Meeting The September meeting will be held At TJ Higgins (Charlotte Pipe Rep) facility in Carol Stream

Agenda: 11:30: Lunch 12:00: 2 Hour CEU Class on the proper installation of a CPVC Plumbing System

Location: TJ Higgins 265 E Lies Road Carol Stream Representatives from TJ Higgins and the Lubrizol

Corporation will be on hand to answer any questions regarding CPVC installations before and after the 2 hour CEU class.

Hangers, transition fittings, valves & solvent cements will be on display. Installation guides will be available as well.

This Lunch and training is FREE of charge but we ask that you confirm you will be attending by contacting John Pritchard so we can have an appropriate head count John Pritchard cell: 312-215-2089 265 E Lies Road, Carol Stream

Domestic Terrorism Appears to Be Reemerging as a Priority at the Department of Justice
Specialist in Organized Crime and Terrorism
Any questions or documents e-mail Jerome Bjelopera
Donald Kauerauf, Chairman, Illinois Terrorism Task Force
You may also contact Gerry Tienstra ( Illinois Terrorism Task Force) if he is not available contact (Gary W. Howard, I am Gerrys Backup)

Hello members and non member (soon to be members?) and all others who might still not be aware.

Please see below the new/current place being used for our monthly meetings

Place……….. Medinah Shriners

location……550 North Shriners Drive

town………..Addison Il

September 17th 2014…..    TJ Higgens 2- hour course for CEUs

Oct 15th 2014……………..    Medinah Shriners… Cont  ed session

November 19th 2014……    Medinah Shriners… Cont  ed session

December 17th 2014……     Medinah Shriners… Christmas Party! no education!


With the exception of our September 2014 meeting which is being held at TJ Higgens  just 5min west of Shriners for a special 2-hour class,

We will be having all other monthly meetings at the address described below.

Please note that it is very very important that you contact Jack Sievert to confirm you will be attending so we can order the correct quantity of food for all, otherwise while you may still attend, you might have to forgo the meal (and we do not want that).

Also a quick reminder that if you have not paid your yearly IPIA membership fees or think you may not have as of this date, Also contact Jack as  these funds are critical in keeping our chapter moving in the right direction!

Thanks for the support and see you guys at the September meeting at TJ HIGGENS!

for time and location, scroll down for info.

2014 CODE BOOKS!!!

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Per last meetings news, George (IPIA President ) announced that we the IPIA would be publishing our own 2014 State of Illinois plumbing code books complete with binder, tabs,etc.

These books should be available to our members as early as our September meeting at TJ Higgens. (read post located below this one).

They will have basically the same size as our previous books.

If you want to buy one, send me an e-mail at and I will do my best to put one aside ( THEY WILL BE GOING FAST AS ONLY 250 FIRST EDITION COPIES HAVE BEEN ORDERED!)