I believe providence planned my life in such a  way that I could
not give nearly all that my mind and my thoughts had to do to
prepare for companionship of a brotherhood such as the Illinois
 Plumbing Inspectors Association. It is nearly just as fervently as
 a brothers friendship at times. Here I stood this early morning with
 a problem at hand and my task in the world to let this brotherhood
 down from a promise I made to see that one hour of their life would
 be better for that moment. My mind was in a fog because it was
clear that at this moment I did not care  I owed one obligation to
 the Illinois Plumbing Inspectors Association. At this exact moment I
cared only one thing, a pray would be answered for the love of my
 life, she was in need at this time and that's all I could think about. I
thought everything else was, not any of my business, for the first time
 in my life. Then I thought that man doesn't live in this world alone, in
that there is great happiness in companionship, but also a tremendous
responsibility. I had to find my own way to resolve a problem , a
 responsibility to a brotherhood that I had made a promise to, without it
 I could not imagine facing them again without shame. Did fate favor me
 at this time? Well I believe it did. I stepped away from my wife for a few
moments to place a phone call to a fellow Inspector, who coincidentally
was on his way out the door to the Illinois Plumbing Inspectors Association
 Meeting. I could here My Grandfathers words echoing in my head if you
don't ask how will you ever learn the answer. So I ask Mr. David Dertz if
he would be able to teach the class for me  on a moments notice
as I had to be with my wife, without hesitation he said, yes.
  I don't know if all will meet with such luck as I , I don't Know if you will meet
such a kind human being , but choose your idea close to a companion like
David for he understands what a brotherhood is for , standing up for the
Association, and the Membership at-large and being there for others.
Mr. David Dertz,  I Thank you with all my Heart,
Gary W. Howard

Notes & Updates From Gary

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Baby Boomer Exodus Leaves Water Utilities Understaffed. Baby boomers are retiring from water utilities in record numbers and the pool of certified treatment operators to take those jobs is running dry. Workforce retention is the top issue facing water utilities in the next 5 to 10 years, according to the Water Research Foundation‘s survey of utilities. Few programs train water treatment operators — who run the equipment and control the treatment processes to keep drinking water safe and wastewater — and larger utilities are more likely to attract talented workers, leaving smaller systems in the lurch. Most of those systems serve communities of fewer than 10,000 people and the problem is especially acute among smaller and rural utilities. To attract employees, some systems like the Hampton Roads Sanitation District in Virginia, which serves 1.7 million people, drew upon its nearly 40-year-old apprentice program where younger employees are trained on the job to qualify for a license. Similarly, the Halifax County Service Authority have tried mentoring and training programs to educate younger workers, but that wasn’t enough to fill the vacancies the authority said. Water utilities want to tap into a nationwide apprenticeship program that the Department of Labor and the National Rural Water Association jointly launched in November 2017.

http://www.nsf.org/newsroom/nsf-intl-and-national-science-foundation-to-host-legionella-conference Many Questions as Expert Committee Begins Study of Legionella in Plumbing. Researchers, government officials, and technical experts met last week in Washington, D.C. for the first meeting of a National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine investigation on minimizing the spread of Legionella bacteria in building plumbing and municipal water systems. Legionnaires’ disease sickened at least 6,141 people in 2016 in the United States and killed several hundred, a death toll that is higher than any other water-related illness in the country. Legionnaires’ cases have increased more than four-fold in the last 15 years. The study aims to shed light on a disease that was first identified relatively recently, in 1976. For water systems, the committee will look at factors that increase the risk of Legionella growth. Within the building that means water temperature, water stagnation, plumbing design, disinfection, and age of pipes. The study, expected to take 18 months to complete, is sponsored by three federal agencies — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Veterans Affairs — and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, a philanthropic group with an interest in microbes in cities and buildings.

IPIA Continuing Education Lunch
Hello IPIA Members,

Please RSVP ​ASAP​! - if you will be attending the monthly IPIA Charter Chapter meeting:

NOON -  ​Wednesday February 21st

​ Medinah Shrine Center​, ​550 Shriners Drive​, Addison IL 60101


Please RSVP to: ​​Victoria@Jaysplumbing.net  or call Victoria at: 630-434-9200

  Thank you!

From Plumber To Olympian!

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The life of a top U.S. snowboarder is an expensive one, but Jonathan Cheever, who is currently in the Olympics, has supported himself with a family trade. He’s a plumber. Cheever grew up sorting plumbing fixtures for his father’s business when he was 10 years old — about the same time he began snowboarding. Shortly after high school he passed the test for his own plumbing license. He tried college, but gave it up after his freshman year to move to Utah and focus on his real love — snowboarding. Less than six months later, he was on the national team — a dream come true. But the national team doesn’t financially support the snowboarders, and all that travel can add up. It was in Utah that he realized his plumbing could help support his snowboarding. “I was like, ‘Oh man, I could use some money,’ and then, you know, people I'm staying with are like ‘actually, our friends need their faucet changed or their sink changed’ or ‘they just bought a new gas range. Can you install it for them? And they'll pay you.’” He also started doing installations for a Home Depot subcontractor. Cheever says running his own small business also meant he could get a bigger line of credit, which he used to support his snowboarding. Be on the lookout for Cheever when cheering on Team USA this weekend!
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