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Now available! Please see this form for a 6 CEU class presented by American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA).   ConferenceRegistration

Saturday October 3, 2015 – 9 am – Noon

At: Wastewater Treatment Center, 5003 Walnut Ave, Downers Grove

Learn about how the District protects the environment through green practices and programs including the vital process of wastewater collection and treatment!  Everyone Welcome.  Find out more at:

IPIA Admin
IPIA Admin

The Illinois Department of Public Health Plumbing Program is receiving and reviewing ordinances submitted by local units of government.  These ordinances allow municipalities to enforce requirements that are more stringent than the Illinois Plumbing Code.  Below is a link to the IDPH website where you will be able to view any Department approved ordinances.

Download a copy of the Local Code Ordinances Approved by IDPH HERE Plbg.Certificates_5-26-15

Here are the latest legislative updates from the Illinois PHCC and IMSCA.
The Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly was scheduled to adjourn on May 31st. With no agreement on the state budget and other major issues, the Session will continue into the summer. The House is scheduled to return to Springfield on June 4th and the Senate on June 9th. There is a possibly of new legislation coming into play, and we will continue to monitor legislative activities and provide updates as the information is available.
Please note that the bills on the Illinois PHCC report that have changed in either status or content since our last report are highlighted in red.

Beverly A. Potts, Executive Director
Illinois PHCC
821 South Grand Ave., West
Springfield, IL 62704

Leg Up 2015-5

IMSCA End of Session Report June 1, 2015

It’s that time!  Hope all enjoyed the May meeting?

Everyone MUST E-Mail George B. Swietczak at ASAP so we know the head count for lunch!


These are the Items which require general membership consideration and vote.

Please give thought to the following, and please prepare your questions.  If you wish, forward them to Jack or myself for advance preparation.

1 – At the most recent board meeting it was discussed that ICCA appears to be moving to a position in opposition to the Illinois Plumbing License Law, but is requiring IPIA to pay the annual membership fee which exceeds $3,000.00.

We will need for Jerry, Gary, Jay and David to relate their observations from the recent ICCA meeting in Peoria.
a – ICCA has directed the lobbyist Margret Vaughn to lobby against the ‘Certified Inspector ‘requirement.

b – ICCA has requested a committee be formed to explore plumbing code issues – ‘Do we remain members’ to have a say on this committee which appears to not be interested in our comments – David Dertz to explain at meeting.

c – Should we as a Chapter AND Organization instead place our full support behind PHCC, which has consistently and very strongly supported the ‘License Law’ by each of us becoming paid members of PHCC?

d – We need to discuss both sides of being and not being members of ICCA.

2 – To the best of my knowledge no credible written challenge has been put forth by any member of IPIA to require a reelection of the current board and officers?

If I am in error on this matter, please forward the written challenge to the most recent election.

Do we need to have another election?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review and consider these serious issues,

George B. Swietczak

Seminar updates loaded!

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IPIA Admin

The vendor list has been added, photo page set up a little better.  Check it out!